proposed 1997
Cobra Commander

Head: 1983 Cobra Commander
Torso: 1984 hooded CC
Arms: 1984 hooded CC
Waist: 1984 hooded CC
Legs: 1984 hooded CC

I would've liked to have this Cobra Commander instead of the armored one we got in 1997. I read on Yojoe that the proposed figure was going to used the original mold, but then they went with the '87 version due to the '83 mold "being sunk on a cargo ship". I used the '84 hooded CC so that this figure would have a decent Cobra sigil on his chest, Repainted the head to match the body, and repainted all the gold and silver parts red as seen on the page in the Yojoe archive. Not too bad, I think. :)

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