Head: Decimator
Torso: HEAT Viper v2 (modifed)
Arms: Sea Slug
Waist: Action Sailor
Thighs: Slice v3
Feet: Destro v2 x2 (both left feet)

- 1991 Dusty machine gun (no stock)
- modified MK Goro sword
- power staff: Dr. Mindbender, Astro-Viper and a styrene rod

I was inspired by Bucky's version over at, and wanted to make my own. Unfortunately, I had the same problem using orange paint that he did (the stuff I was using didn't want to stay on either! 7 coats and still.....Oh, well) I wanted to use different parts to make my version, but I did use a Decimator's head like Bucky used. I was also going to use a Snake-Eyes V3 blowgun for part of his power staff, but used these parts instead after I lost it. The styrene rod I used for the length of the staff instead was the almost the same color as the background, so I went ahead and colored it black so it would stand out better. Overall, I still think it turned out pretty good!

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