Head: Funskool Roadblock
Ponytail: MK Goro
Torso: Cyber-Viper
Arms: SF Dhalsim
Waist: Remco figure
Legs: Remco figure

Downtown gun, custom sword

Zartan keeps adding Dreadnoks, so why can't Sgt. Slaughter keep adding Renegades? Discounting that I made the sword some time ago, this is the fastest custom I ever did, and I mean from first thought to finished product. Everything from getting the idea to picking body parts, glueing , painting & picking weapons took all of about 10 minutes from start to finish. I guess this one was just meant to be! :D

I actually made Djinn while I was researching parts for 2 other customs I've trying to finish for the past week, go figure! All my customs should be as easy! LOL :D

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