I'd like to Hasbro make the following figures (I'm constantly adding to or modifying the list)

All must be "old sculpt" ARAH-style w/ ball joint necks. No repaints of old molds unless applicable. Are any molds or body parts missing? Then make new ones (do not reuse any parts from other molds unless applicable). Need longer arms for those with broad shoulders/wide torsos. Hands should be able to interlock directly above head.

Do not use existing parts from any version of Duke, Roadblock, Hawk, Big Ben, Dial-Tone, Firefly, Snowjob, the Talking Battle Commanders, any female sculpts or any of the other 1982-85 swivel heads or torsos ~~~ please!!!

C'mon Hasbro, make these figures!

The 1997-2001 releases didn't do well because Hasbro offered nothing but repaints with a few new heads. People didn't want new "sculpts" they wanted new "molds" in the same original ARAH style. You have to spend money to make money and if Hasbro offered these, they would make money

    Comic 3-packs
  • #17: Grunt, Grand Slam & Tripwire (w/removable helmet and/or clear visor)
  • #50: a comic accurate Serpentor, Gung-Ho & Roadblock (entirely new bodies w/ huge arms and torsos)
  • #55: Cobra Commander, Destro (each w/removable mask) & Billy
  • #95: Paine Brothers (using v3 Snake Eyes parts)

    R.I.P. 2-packs
  • Candy & Prof. Appel
  • Dr. Venom & Kwinn (tall "khaki shorts" version)
  • Cool Breeze & Mangler
  • Soft Master & Hard Master
  • Chuckles (pink & black shirt) & Mainframe

    Cartoon 2-packs

  • Big Lob & Pythona
  • Mara & Shipwreck (in his civvies)
  • Sparks & CG Cadet Deming
  • Major Bludd & Cover Girl (blond)
  • Wild Bill & Scarlett
  • Torpedo & Deep Six (w/o bulky suit or permanent helmet)
  • Airborne & Tommy Talltree
  • Torch & Ripper
  • Buzzer & Monkey Wrench
  • Wong (Oktober Guard) & Strato Viper Raven

  • Ambush & Range Viper 3 (aka: Evy)
  • Crimson Guard #1 (CG Immortal) & Gristle (blond)
  • Lady Jaye (teal w/no hat) & Night Creeper Leader (new head on v1 Night Creeper body)
  • Serpent Man (fake superhero portrayed by Cobra Comm.) & Zarana (purple & white hair w/disguise)

    6 packs
  • LRRP: Snake Eyes, Tommy, Lonzo, Wade, Dickie, Ramon (comic pack #26 doesn't cut it)
  • Oktober Guard: Daina, Schrage, Stormavik, Col. Brekhov (all w/removable hats + new bodies), Horror Show (all new big, fat figure) & Gorky (w/ removable cap + new body)
  • Dreadnoks: Zartan, Zarana, Zandar, Zanya, Machete, Heartwrencher
  • New Blood: Mistress Armada, Firewall, Mayday, Alexander McCullen, Mariner, Kamakura
  • Cobra Air Force: AVAC, Night Vulture, Vapor, Cobra Air Devil, Air Viper (new), Strato Viper (new)

    6-pack redeux
  • Tiger Force: Falcon (new), Pathfinder, Bullhorn (new), Heavy Duty, Snake Eyes (new), Gung-Ho (repaint of new one for comic pack #50)
  • Python Patrol: WORMS, Incinerator, Mega Viper, Undertow (new), HEAT Viper v2, Coils
    (similar colors of the original 1989 set)
  • Night Force: Freefall, Low-Light v1, Capt. Gridiron, Steeler (new), Stalker (new), Updraft
  • Cobra Urban Strike (black, silver and red): two "Crimson Guard Commanders", two "Headhunters", two "Headhunter Stormtroopers" (new names?)
  • Desert Patrol (JvsC): two Sand Vipers (ARAH-style), two Desert Scorpions, v3 Dusty, Roadblock (repaint of new one for comic pack #50)
  • Winter Ops (JvsC): new Joe/Iceberg v2/two Snow Serpents (new)/two Ice Vipers (new)
  • Plague/Anti-Venom (JvsC): Doc, Airtight & Barbecue (both w/removable helmets), Medi-Viper (ARAH-style), two Plague Troopers (ARAH-style)

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