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Shipping Info

- Will ship Worldwide (except to countries to which USPS will not ship)

*****ALL INTERNATIONAL buyers must pay any PayPal fees*****

- Items will be securely shipped in either padded envelopes or else in boxes with bubble wrap and/or styrofoam peanuts

Within U.S.:

All items mailed via USPS (either First Class or Priority depending on weight)
FLAT RATE shipping cost is for entire order.

First Class: $5.50 (for up to 9 individual loose figures -- includes USPS Tracking)

Priority: $8.50
(mandatory for any order of 10 or more individual loose figures -- includes USPS Tracking)

Insurance available upon request for extra fee (all PRIORITY packages receive $50 worth of insurance automatically)

International: First-Class Mail International (no Tracking available), Priority or Express Mail (price to be determined based on country.)

- I accept U.S. money orders or PayPal (PayPal preferred!)

- No personal checks or E-checks!!!

- International payments via PayPal ONLY! No International money orders will be accepted
and buyer must pay any PayPal fees

- Send cash (in U.S. dollars) at your own risk!

comp = complete
FC = filecard
BP = backpack
acc pack = Accessory pack weapon(s)
[PENDING] = transaction is not yet complete and I will still take offers in case the deal falls through. This usually indicates that I'm simply waiting for payment to arrive

Prices subject to change without notice

Let me know what figures you are interested in and I'll give you a more accurate description about their condition. I attempt to do my best to describe flaws you cannot see in the photos, but some may slip through.
Figures vary in condition and completeness. Some damage may be noted, but may not. When in doubt, ASK any questions before you buy!


Olmec Bronze Bombers:

Modern / 25th / 30th / 50th anniversary style

Joes & Cobras (loose):

Comic Pack figures:

Mint on Card (MOC) Mint in Package (MIP) items:

(Can be shipped MOC in a padded envelope, but not reponsible for damage to card or bubble. May also be opened and shipped First class loose with filecard, but not full cardback)

Comic Pack figures:




Convention Items:

Cobras (loose):

G.I. Joes (loose):

Street Fighter / Mortal Kombat:

Bargain Bin: $1.99 or less:

Figures vary in condition and completeness. Some are in mint condition and are only priced low because I consider them to be "common" figures. Some damage may be noted, but may not. ASK any questions before you buy! But at these prices, can you really complain? ;)

Look for other figures that are $1.99 or less in the other categories listed above!

Fodder (good for parts or customs):

(all either have loose limbs, broken, missing or mis-matched parts, major paint wear and/or discoloration to some degree)

Sgt. Savage:

Lanard Corps, Remco, Visionaries and other brands:

    Remco (U.S. Forces / American Defense):
    (some figures may have loose arms common to these figures)


Other figures:

G.I. Joe Price Guide 3 3/4" (off-site link)